Service-Award Recipients

The following individuals received a Hanover Lions Club Service Award in the year stated. Nominated by a community member, each recipient showed a commitment to helping the greater community. The Lions Club admires the compassion and kindness with which these students approached their activities.

Students were given a check for $1000. This was theirs to use for their personal improvement. Perhaps they wanted to learn a new hobby; perhaps they wished to use it for their continuing academic education. Personal improvement can be widely interpreted, and we trusted them to make good use of the money. We also gave another $1000 for them to decide on. They were allowed to use it to help fund their participation in a service project; or, as an alternative, they were encouraged to donate the money to a charity of their choice. (The Lions Club wrote the check and submitted it in their name.)

Congratulations to all the recipients!

2008 Helen Jack and Samantha Barlow

2009 Annie Cravero and Sarah Robinson

2010 Hannah Gorman and Jordan Hitchcock

2011 Diksha Gautham and Scout Wallace

2012 James Murdza and Suzanne Ketcham

2013 Simone Serat and Rachel Alibozek

2014 Molly Cornell and Omar Hajajra

2015 Julia Morris and Emma Woloshin

2016 Caroline Rodi and Leah Shipulski

2017 Andrea Gilardi and Caroline Tally

2018 Anoushka Alavilli and Sarah Bozuwa

2019 Geneva Kwaku and Emilee Lenning

2020 Kayra Yaman

2021 Sydney Kwaku and Rain Liu

2022 Skyler Tompkins and Eric Chen

2023 Grace Coughlin and Brendan Kwaku